Refund Policy

refundUnder this refund policy and under guidance of the long distance trading act the following policy is in effect; a refund may be provided upon receipt of a refund request within 7 days of purchase. This is subject to the materials having not been redeemed (if you have redeemed the course you will not be eligible for a refund).

If a course is booked or reserved and a valid request to cancel is received in writing within 7 days of your original order then your refund will be fully granted subject to the below conditions:

Please Note:
Once a course has been redeemed (started/completed), we cannot grant a refund.
There can be no refunds for any discounted courses or special offers this includes any standard or custom packages that have been reduced below the standard on screen price.
All refund requests can be emailed to:

All refunds are subject to the above, if you have redeemed one of our courses you will not be eligible for a refund.
Before you purchase an Awarenessbites course, it is your responsibility ensure that the course is right for you, the Awarenessbites website displays all the relevant information on all the courses, also demos are available for most courses featured on the website, note by not having access to a demo will not give rights for cancellation.

The course information is designed to reduce the risk of you making the wrong choice. Read the course description and technical requirements. Access the sample course (where available) to check that the course will run on your PC and that you are comfortable with the depth and style of the course and that it will suit your needs.

System requirements can be found here: System requirements

You can call Awarenessbites on 0141 356 1516 / 01698 826937 to discuss courses to confirm the details you have seen on the website to make an informed decision on which course suits your requirements.

On the cancellation of a contract and acceptance of refund any sum paid by the consumer will be repaid as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of cancellation. The full price paid for the goods (unless otherwise stated) will be refunded.