What you need to enjoy the full
experience of AWARENESSbites

User & system requirements

  • Valid license

    License, ticket, token – whatever it’s called – you will need your access code for the relevant package (Green or Purple) – made available when registered.

  • Computer

    Obviously a computer – you wouldn’t be seeing this without one!  We have created this to be viewed cross-platform (PC, MAC etc) and for a wide range of devices, however, we feel it works best on a computer screen or tablet just for that ‘bigger picture’ experience, but also can be an enjoyable experience on smartphones etc –  if that’s your choice.

  • Sound

    Some of the learning content rely on video & audio clips to give examples – however, you can manage without audio as clips are only provided to reinforce the section/topic content. We do feel that it would be better to have sound – all video clips have captions and a text version of any audio clip is also provided.

  • You!

    We want you to be engaged with the content and will be happy to receive feedback so we can build upon what we have.

  • What else?

    Sorry to disappoint – but that’s it! You may have expected a whole host of things here like a kitchen sink, a lama, 2 widgets and even a sprocket here and there – but we have kept the user experience (that’s you by the way) focused on the content and not the technology behind it – that’s our job!

Awareness Bites